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Get the Easiest and Best Value for Money Storage Swiss Cottage

Mobile Self Storage Swiss Cottage NW3

nw3 safe storage swiss cottage
Amongst the range of storage Swiss Cottage services we offer is an excellent mobile self storage service. This is designed to give you everything our other services give you yet it makes hiring space with us even more convenient for you. We make it more convenient by bringing one of our excellent mobile storage units to where you are. After this is loaded up by either yourself or our staff, we transport the mobile self storage unit to our local, modern facility for as long as you want. It gives you the extra space you want whilst also saving you time and of course money in regards to transport and that’s in addition to our wonderful value prices.

Self Storage Swiss Cottage NW3

nw8 garage storage nw3
Self storage, if you haven’t used it before, is something we are sure you will use with for a long time to come. It is just so incredibly handy to have that extra space if and when you need it. It’s the same for our business customers as it is for our domestic customers, that having Swiss Cottage storage space becomes a necessity and not a luxury. The very high standards we set for our storage facilities makes it even more of a pleasure to have that extra space with us and when you then take into consideration our superb low prices, it really is an easy decision to make for your self storage unit hire choice.

Home Storage Swiss Cottage NW3

nw8 portable storage bins nw6
Are you looking for self storage in Swiss Cottage, NW3 that is convenient, affordable and modern? If that’s the case, then you really should get in touch with our highly-praised company. We’re the experts when it comes to domestic storage due to our experience over many years and our ability to give you an efficient service which in turn is a cost-effective one. Whether it’s for de-cluttering your home in order to give yourself some more space or whether it’s for a specific time, for example, when you’re renovating, we’ll give you the best prices plus the best service. For secure storage in a clean and modern storage facility, we should be your number one choice.

Business Storage Swiss Cottage NW3

nw8 self storage swiss cottage
Giving the very best service possible when it comes to business storage is our aim with every single customer we cater for. In particular, we look after you just as our commercial storage looks after your items and makes sure they’re safe and secure. We look after you by giving you exceptional customer service, one that truly cares about your satisfaction. We also look after you by giving you lower prices than so many of our competitors. Our NW6 office storage is used by companies big and small and whichever one of the many storage solutions we offer and you decide to hire, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the choice you make.

Student Storage Swiss Cottage NW3

nw6 toy storage boxes swiss cotage
Our student storage is better than that offered by our competitors for a whole host of reasons. Of course, there’s our great low prices which we know as a student on a tight budget you’ll appreciate. Yet, it’s not just because we’re such excellent value you should come to our storage facility in NW6. It’s because we give you immaculate self storage rooms that are a delight to hire. With our security being so extensive, it also gives you peace of mind for the items you’re storing away whether it’s for the long-term short-term. By hiring our storage units for students you’re hiring the best service available for the very best of prices.

Secure Storage Swiss Cottage NW3

nw8 outside storage containers nw6
We give you secure storage because when you know your items are in our extra safe facility, the happier you’ll be. This is as important to us as it is to yourself because we know, in turn, that the happier you are the longer you may use our Swiss Cottage storage services NW6. By having 24-hour security at all our storage facilities and with us having a facility near to where you are, whether you need storage space for your business or for freeing up space in your home, the better choice of space is with us. To find out more, contact us and see how our security always gives you more security.

Self Storage Units Swiss Cottage NW3

nw3 mobile self storage pods nw6
It’s with some confidence we can say the self storage units offered by our company are of a better class than those you would get elsewhere. We take great pride in this especially when you see how we give you storage for such a great low price. Yet, you also receive the best of storage options in all areas of storage services. In addition, we always give you space that’s well maintained, super convenient and simply a joy to have long-term or short-term. We have the self storage rooms in Swiss Cottage which in no time at all will feel like an extra part of your home or business you just can’t do without.

Self Storage Rooms Swiss Cottage NW3

nw3 storage rooms nw6
A high-quality service at a low cost price is what we offer you when you’re looking to hire a better standard of self storage rooms. The self storage we have is part of an overall service that has been praised over many years in the local region and further afield. It’s storage space that doesn’t just have the qualities of cleanliness, spaciousness and affordability. We have self storage units in NW3 and  NW6 you’ll be pleased to visit whenever you have to pick an item up or want to drop something off. It’s also why we’re the leading company for this kind of service. Quite simply, we do it better than anyone else.

Storage Swiss Cottage

nw3 storage bins nw8
Our self storage prices are as great value as our self storage units are of a great standard. It’s this combination of cheaper prices and higher quality service which has marked our company out as the leader when it comes to amazing value storage services. We are an economy service in many ways yet this doesn’t mean you get any less quality service. In fact it’s simply because we’re a very efficient company and this is a result of our years of experience. When it comes to security, for example, we have 24-hour coverage for our storage Swiss Cottage just as with our company overall you always have 24-hour excellence.

Storage Swiss Cottage at Industry-leading Prices

We can proudly say that we have one of the most competitive prices and storage Swiss Cottage services of the highest standards.

Storage Unit Size Per Week Per Month 3 Months 6 Months
1x 35 sq ft unit £15 £60 £180 £360
2x 35 sq ft units £30 £120 £360 £720

*All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.

–°lients Say

K. Palmer


The team at the storage facility were willing to get stuck in and help when they noticed I was having issues. The ease of the experience and customer service is worth going with Swiss Cottage Self Storage Rooms alone.

Natasha Bradley


Seriously one of the cleanest storage units I have ever rented. Swiss Cottage Secure Storage also has unbelievably low rates.

Colin Berkhill


I needed some storage solutions for my company and was told about Mobile Safe Storage Swiss Cottage. I decided to go with them based on the security of the storage and the prices I was offered. Have been very pleased with the service so far and have actually just booked another unit that we will be using for the next few months. Thank you very much.



When I cleared out the junk from my loft I realised that there were actually quite a lot of items that I wanted to keep. The problem was that they were getting damaged being left in the loft and I didn't want them to end up covered in dust and dirt. It was also difficult for me to access the items up there so I needed another solution. I hired the domestic storage services of Swiss Cottage Self Storage Rooms and this solved all of my problems! It's a great service and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Hattie Rawlings


I had used storage firms before but they were not brilliant. When I came to hire storage again I tried a company called Home Storage Swiss Cottage. They were amazing. I was supplied with affordable self storage which was perfect. The rooms were lovely and clean and had some impressive security checking the place. I rented for 6 months to store some business stock and had no problems. Great service and thanks!

Carmen Hayes


Swiss Cottage Self Storage Rooms kept my possessions safe for me during my year-round travelling trip. When I got back, I checked all my things to make sure nothing was damaged and thankfully, everything was the same as I'd left it. This company has great security and their storage units are spotless. Hiring this company will be the best decision you can make if you need a safe and clean place to keep your possessions for as long as you need. I'm very pleased with them and can't recommend them enough. Thanks everyone - you have been amazing from start to end!

David P.


If I didn't take advantage of StorageSwissCottage's mobile self storage option, I probably would have had to have a clear out I could instead avoid. I never have the time to make journeys, and my car was far too small for a furniture load. Having a storage unit delivered directly to my house was a wonderful opportunity, and it took a lot of stress away being able to handle the load from home!

Christian T.


I have to admit that I was kind of skeptical at first because StorageSwissCottage had the lowest prices out there and that makes me feel a bit insecure over the quality of the services I receive. However, these guys were really professional and the space I rented from them is really safe and clean too. Great company to work with!

Louise Chard


I was happy with the low cost storage I hired when travelling oversea for a year. I hadn't a huge amount of belongings and simply needed a secure and dry place to keep them for this duration. I used a local storage company called StorageSwissCottage and received a great service for an affordable cost. I have had no problems with damage or loss and everything is well kept. I keep in contact to ensure all is well and it is great work.

Erica Creek


I was in need of some storage space to keep hold of my late mother's precious belongings as I didn't have enough space in my own home. StorageSwissCottage were great, they had a good selection of storage facilities to solve all dilemmas. I rented domestic storage which was secure, damp free, and clean. The unit was inexpensive and a convenient way of storing my possessions.

Contact Information

Company name: Storage Swiss CottageLtd.
Telephone: 020 3540 9592
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 07:00-00:00
Street address: 126 Kilburn High Rd
Postal code:
City: Swiss Cottage, NW6 4HY
Country: London, United Kingdom
Latitude: Longitude:
E-mail: office@storageswisscottage.org.uk
Description: Find the NW6 storage options mostly suitable for you - self-storage, rental storage unit NW8, or outdoor container storage NW3 or mobile storage box in South Hampstead, Belsize Park, Swiss Cottage, Hampstead, Childs Hill, Primrose Hill, Frognal, etc.
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